Pressor Therapy is a unique method of restoring circulatory problems, fluid retention, lymphatic drainage disorders and other organic filtering mechanisms that your body requires for good health and functioning.

If you suffer from swollen ankles, heavy aching legs, fluid retention, circulatory and weight problems Presor therapy is your answer. Over 90% of our population suffer from cellulite, Oedema, bad circulation, and dysfunctional reno-lymphatic systems.

Presor stands for "pressure" and pressure therapy is proven to be beneficial through extensive clinical trials for the treatment of angiology, cosmetic medicine, physiotherapy and beauty treatments.

​As you have just read, therapist often use these treatments to combat some common issues. It can be used with cellulite, varicose veins, obesity, flaccidity and fluid retention, but it is worth noting that it has other implications as the relief from migraines, rheumatism-related problems. During pregnancy you can used it to take care of the skin and prevent the feeling of heaviness of legs, also for alterations related to menopause such as osteoporosis or muscle aches you can use this method. Next up, we will give you detail every one of the advantages of this medical innovative and aesthetic treatment.


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